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Quick-Lock Insert Surfacing Moulder Heads


Quick-Lock Moulder and Planer Heads (Terminus™ style) offer the feature to surface and or profile your material at the same time. Using a combination of planer knives and pre-profiled caribde insert that can be slide into position to produce eased edges, bevels, and various back out grooves. These heads have 4 to 6 knife pockets. Precision made from light weight 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum and anodized Red for resistance to wear. Designed & balanced for up to 8000 rpm. Knives can be installed & locked in seconds. Planer knives have two wear edges and are offered in T1-HSS or C3 Micro-grain carbide for long wear life. We offer discounted prices 30% lower than the other comparible systems like this. Series 3 ( 2 + 2+ 2 ) 6 Pockets / 3 Pocket Types - 2 for Surfacing Knives, 2 for Profile Knives, 2 for Profile Knife Holders.

Need Just 4 or 6 knife pockets? we can make them , lead times approximately 4 week, same price**please indicate on order or call the store, otherwise we may inadvertantly send you the multiple variation set up  pictured above.

Head comes with wrench, a set of HSS knives. If you want to "trade in the HSS knives for Carbide, we are happy to upgrade the order for the price difference between HSS and Carbide.  Sorry, we do not sell the heads without knives.