Portable Steel Cutting Blades

Portable Steel Cutting Blades

Carbide tips specifically designed for ferrous metal cutting and special tooth geometry enable these blades to produce clean, fast cutting in mild steel. For use on low rpm machines only. Do not use on woodworking machinery. (FC748 can be used on woodworking saws)

Grid View:

7-1/4" Metal Circular Saw Blade 48 T Carbide Tipped 5/8" arbor


Tired of sharpening the High Speed Steel Big box store saw blades, try our carbide tipped Industrial metal cutting blades with Tungsten Carbide teeth, featuring the hardest metal in the world. Suitable for Mild Steel and light gauge Stainless Steel. Plate   .069 Kerf .075 Bore 5/8" KO (knock outs)..

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