Mitre Saw Blades

Mitre Saw Blades

Miter Saw 4-Tooth and Raker Blades

For smooth cuts on wood moldings and the least possible grabbing of materials.

Grid View:

Mitre & Double Mitre Saw Blade, 275mm x 100T ATB+R, Popular Tools MD275100


Comparable to Leuco G5 blades found on Brevetti Prisma CE Made by Popular Tools Part # MD275100 Specifications:  Diameter: 14in  Teeth: 36T  Bore & Pinhole: 2in, 2 PH  Kerf: .177in  Plate: .138in  Design: ATB  Hook: 20deg  For Use On: Diehl  Diameter: 275mm Teeth: 100T  Bore 32mm  Kerf: 3mm  Plate: 2.4mm Design: ATB+R  ..

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