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Custom Profile Knife Grinding Service

Custom Profile Knife Grinding Service

Quick, Accurate and Affordable.  

We grind shaper, moulder, williams and hussey, shop fox woodmaster and all other major brands. Whether you have a napkin sketch, Autocad File, picture from a catalogue or an idea, let us help  put the shape into a knife.  You can email the image      to .

  • WE use a Flow Waterjet to rough out knife, most shops burn your knife from the start
  • We use Utma P20 CNC Profile Ginder and Weinig 960 Rondamat
  • We are Weinig Trained
  • We will get it right

    Did You know?

    Our cad technician can assist in developing your knife based on your equipment.  We always strive for safety first, then look for ways to cut your costs by designing the knife for maximum runs. We also look to minimize length which minimizes labor and material thereby reducing your cost.